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Managing Your Internet Banking And Security Credentials

When you join Page, you'll be given a number of details to use for our internet and mobile banking services. To protect yourself you must keep these details safe. You can manage the details online too.

The details you need to bank with us

When you open an account with us, we will give you a unique 6-digit default password to help you register for your internet banking.

During the registration, you would be given the opportunity to change this password and select a security question and answer. Make an effort to pick a password and security answer that is memorable to you.

You will always need your password and your security answer when making use of our internet and mobile banking services.


Some helpful tips to stay safe online

Stay aware

Page Financials will never ask for sensitive credentials like your password, security answer, card PIN, or One Time Password (OTP) either through email or via phone calls.


Fake emails

We are aware that sometimes customers receive emails from people pretending to be us. If you are suspicious of anything please forward it to customer@pagefinancials.com.

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