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Three Reasons Why Page Financials Should Be Your Preferred Quick Online Loan Provider

posted on May 16, 2019 |   311 likes


Want to know what makes Page truly special? Read on.

There are quite a number of quick loan companies in Nigeria and Page Financials is a leading name among them. Page is listed among the most notable not just because of its name and years of presence but more because of its innovative products and services.

We want to share three of such features with you.

  1. Loan Disbursement in Under Three Hours

When it comes to requesting for loans, Page knows that you need it fast and you can’t wait to see the alert right in your account so you can execute that project or desire in your heart. Guess what, Page delivers top of the class – in under three hours.


Your funds is yours within three hours of application if it gets approved. Some other instant loan providers disburse in 5 hours or even 24 hours while some can even take days – not page! Funds are deposited into your Page account from where you can transfer or move to any other account of your choice. This is where it gets sweeter.

  1. Zero Transaction Charge when You Use any of Page electronic channels

Any fund available in your Page account is totally at yours to enjoy. Why? Because you can transfer to any other account, pay bills (PHCN, DSTV, school etc) – at Zero charge. Zero charge means you are not charged any extra deductions on alerts, maintenance charge or transfer fees.

Isn’t this a better deal?


  1. Hitch and hassle free online application process

Lastly, our loan application process is completely hassle and stress free. You don’t need to walk into any office or queue in a banking hall. You can start and finish your loan application right on your phone via our online application process or via the Page Mobile App. Whichever channel you decide to go through, we also have a responsive customer centre that will attend to any difficulties you.

Still doubting if any of these is true? The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Come over to pagefinancials.com and begin that process that will help you actualize your dreams.

Page is a retail finance service provider. It is registered with the CBN, NDIC and other relevant regulators. Page also offers investment and payment solutions. For more details, visit pagefinancials.com


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