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The Truth About Money For New Graduates

posted on Nov 22, 2018 |   110 likes


The realities of money you should be prepared for

I remember when I was an undergraduate, I would visualize how I would get a job immediately I finished my NYSC, and how I would move into my own apartment, maybe get a car as soon as my salary becomes fatter which I also thought should increase significantly every year. But for many new graduates like I was, the truth about money became a shock to me as soon as I graduated.

Many new graduates have been told and have come to accept the thought that having an education would guarantee an immediate job and a fat salary which would begin to flood in immediately you start working. Although, that is true to some extent, but when it comes to money, new graduates might have a harsh reality to face

Therefore, if you’re new graduate, here’s some money truths you’ll need to face, so be prepared for it.

Don’t expect your pay to be great

This is the first problem most graduates have and it leaves them shattered when they are offered a pay that is less than what they had imagined, especially when they have graduated from a prestigious University. They assume because their University is of a high standard and probably the best in the country, then that would guarantee them an immediate job with a high salary. Don’t get this wrong, high starting salaries are possible, but might not be available in the field you intend to work in and this is where your passion to do what you love regardless of the pay would be needed.

But for the majority of people graduating, they’ll start at an entry level with an entry level salary and have to work their way up the pay scales. So don’t get your hopes up when you get started.

You can’t have it all

It’s funny how a lot of graduates feel they need to live in a big apartment in the best part of the city, or drive a nice car once they start working. Although some graduates already enjoy this luxury because of their parents, if you do not have that luxury, you must learn to cut your coat according to the fabric and not your size. Living the exact lifestyle you want immediately after graduating is very unrealistic, it would take time as luxuries cost money. And as a new graduate, there’s a good chance you won’t have much saved to afford all these luxuries. You might consider taking a loan from a financial institution since it usually requires no collateral, but don’t make the mistake of taking more than you can comfortably repay.

Saving is tough

The truth is, saving can be tough for any young adult, especially if you’re trying to settle into the work and career path. If you’ve moved away from home, it can be harder since most of your income will go towards living expenses.

Start off by reminding yourself that this is not the time to splurge, remember you now have bills to pay, and that includes the renewal of your house rent.  Start by stating your long and short term goals, and the priority should be on saving for your house rent. If you know you might need to move out to a better place, you should also consider the cost and start saving for it. Before now, you could just call mum or dad when financial emergencies arise, but now that you are independent, you have to set aside some amount of money for when the unexpected happens.

Finally, the truth is that you would face unique money challenges at all stages of life, so it’s important to set up a good saving habit early. Things would become easier when you take control of your finances, and if that becomes overwhelming, you should visit Page Financials, we would be glad to help you shed some financial burden. 

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