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Side Hustle: Check which fits you

posted on Nov 29, 2019 |   433 likes


Thinking of starting a side hustle? check this out

In this era, there's no other certain way to earn extra cash than having a side hustle. The essence of it is not because you are totally broke but the need of more money to execute one or two projects - or just to stay financially buoyant.

No matter where you come from, as long as you have access to the internet, there are so many money-making opportunities available today which did not exist 10-15 years ago.

Before you start your research, put down your current interests and strengths. To narrow down your options, for each potential side hustle create a decision matrix. Each decision matrix would include a cluster of questions, such as how excited you are about the idea? Is there a clear path to your first customer or sales? How much time will it realistically take to get off the ground? How much capital will you need to get started? And how easy it is to operate?

 Some side hustle require equipment and supplies. If you are a salary earner and you work in Lagos or Ibadan, why not apply for a loan at Page Financials to set up that side hustle to give you a leg up against competition. Below are some points to help decide:

·         Why?

Asides the obvious reason of boasting your cash flow, are you doing it to polish your skills or meet new people?

The purpose of wanting to have a side hustle must first be attended to - why? - So you would not get bored few weeks into the hustle. If you have training or knowledge, you will be able to charge more. For instance, if you are good at fixing thigs you could start a phone and computer repair service. We are in a digital world and this automatically means items used to go digital are prone to damage, so there is a demand for the service.

·         How Much Time & Money Will It Consume?

Okay, so if you need to make money real quick, try look for a side hustle with low or no barrier to start. If you don't need cash ASAP, you might try spend some time brushing up your skills or taking an online class on what you want to do.

·         Treat It Well

Like the saying goes "a side hustle today could be your full-time profession tomorrow." Starting up a side hustle is one thing, approaching it like a business is another - When you are effective and efficient, and making the most money. In the shortest time, you can potentially grow into something bigger.


You need not make a drastic career change to earn more money. Having a side hustle can help earn extra cash and build financial security for you. There are certain pros and cons when starting up a side hustle but worry not, with the right motive and equipment, it can be accomplished.

At Page Financials, we give out loans within 3 hours of less. Provided you have the right documents and approval from our end, your side hustle is just a fingertip away.

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