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How To Choose Your Best-Fit Mobile Banking App

posted on Apr 20, 2021 |   437 likes


Looking for a perfect mobile app for your banking operations? Read this now.

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Banking has gone mobile, with each day comes the increasing number transactions that needs to be completed on the go.

So, have you gone mobile with your banking needs? How convenient has that transition been for you?

Mobile banking apps can make managing money easier, from anywhere and at any time. The challenge may be deciding which app—or apps—to use to stay on top of your financial life.

While financial institutions may incorporate some of the same features or tools into their apps, they aren’t the same thing across board. The onus is on you to find a financial institution whose app best-fits your daily financial transaction needs.

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When comparing financial apps, here are some of the most important things to consider:


What Can The Mobile Banking App Do?

The scope of features and tools available inside a mobile banking app largely depends on the financial institution.

A forward-thinking financial institution like Page Financials, for example, may offer a mobile banking solution that’s equipped with more features than other apps that are focused on only loans.

Generally, mobile banking apps are designed to mimic what you can do with online banking from a desktop or laptop computer. So, for example, some of the banking tasks you may be able to perform include:

-       Make online bill payments

-       Transferring funds

-       Checking balances

-       Reviewing transaction history, including credits and debits

-       Viewing electronic statements

The Page Financials’ Mobile app takes it a step further to offer features beyond those available above.

For example:

-       You can instantly request for a loan topup for returning customers

-       Enjoy mobile live chat with our support team

-       Retrieve your debit card PIN anytime

-       Deactivating your debit card in case it is stolen

To take it even further, all bill payments and funds transfers are done at ZERO charge with the mobile app.


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You can see that the Page Mobile app takes mobile banking to a whole new level, and that is why our customers love using the Page Mobile App for their transactions.

What to Look for With Mobile Banking Apps

If you have an account with a financial institution, you most likely have access to a mobile banking app already. So, the main question to consider is how well that app serves your needs when managing your bank accounts.

This is where asking the right questions can help you decide on the best fit for you:

-       Are you convenient with the regular features or would like to enjoy all the extra features that apps like the Page Mobile app have?

-       Do they charge you for bill payments when Page customers enjoy ZERO charge on transfers and bill payments?

If your current mobile banking app doesn’t satisfy these desires, then it might be a time to switch to Page.

Security is also important for both mobile banking apps and personal finance apps in general. The more security measures your app offers, the better defense you may be able to put up against hackers and identity thieves.

The page Mobile App for example comes equipped with top grade security feature. It also has an advanced biometric verification technique that allows you to login to your mobile app by simply swiping your finger print on the sensor.

This biometric feature is especially important when you want to login to your financial app and you fear that someone might be watching to steal your password.


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Bottom Line

Mobile banking apps can take the stress out of tracking and managing your finances if you know how to approach them.

While some apps will only give you the basic features and still charge you for transactions, the Page Mobile app will give you so much convenience while you still enjoy ZERO charge on all bill payments and funds transfers.

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