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How Money Affects Your Emotions

posted on Apr 8, 2022 |   82 likes


Find out how money affects your emotions negatively and positively.

We all are usually excited when we get a credit alert, whether or not we are expecting money from anyone. We just love to see an increase in our account balance no matter how little it may be. And I believe reverse is the case when we see a debit alert. We don’t want to know if it’s a dime that’s been deducted. All these emotions point out the fact that, we have subconsciously or consciously for some, developed some type of emotions towards money.

These emotions are however, determined on how we approach money. Thus we can either approach money negatively or positively. Negative approach towards money often leads to sad emotions which can result to negative thoughts, behaviors and decisions. On the other hand, a positive approach towards money can only lead to positive thoughts, financial intelligence and financial freedom. It is important to note here that, the problem is usually not money, but how we approach money.

Here is how we can understand how we approach money and thus make positive change and decisions if need be.

·         How Money Elicits Negative Emotions

It’s quite alarming to know that a lot of people fall into this category. These set of people have little or no knowledge about money, and they have the following characteristics;

o   Money becomes a priority, how to work for money, and how to spend it.

o   When they lose money in a business attempt, they cling to the bad experience and therefore are not willing to try again.

o   When a mistake is made, they beat themselves  too much about it, therefore they keep a closed mind and do not learn from their mistakes (In their defense, they will not try It again anyway)

o   Money becomes the solution to all their problems, so they can’t think through challenges when they don’t have money as they already see money as the only way out.

o   Getting a quick Loan is viewed in a different way, like an extra burden, rather than as a solution or a tool for more opportunities.

o   Investment plans usually comes when they have something left from their spending.


·         How Money Elicits Positive Emotions

Those who approach money positively are the few financially literate people we have around.  And they have the following characteristics;

o   Working to make money is not the main focus, but rather they seek financial education on how to make money work for them.

o   When a business venture fails they do not turn away from trying again, but rather they keep an open mind to learn from their mistakes and from the mistakes of others.

o   When a business attempt fails, they do not beat themselves up too much, but rather see it as an opportunity to grow and become better next time.

o   They do not think money is the solution to everything, rather they think money is just a means to get things done, not the actual solution.

o   Because they are not scared to take risks, they see nothing wrong when they want to get quick loans but as a tool to relieve financial stress and a tool to establish more investment opportunities.

o   They invest before spending their money, rather than invest what’s left after spending.

With all these been said, it’s important to know that those with a positive approach towards money don’t work for money all their lives, they make their money work for them by investing, and starting businesses. And that is the beginning of peace and financial freedom.

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