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Access Up To N2.5M Loan In Less Than 3 Hours

posted on Sep 21, 2020 |   544 likes


Access Up To N2.5M Loan In Less Than 3 Hours

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The law of scarcity simply states that economic resources — land, labor, capital, and talent — are limited, not infinite.

That means that we will always have shortage of these economic resources – like money.

So, the next time payday is taking too long to come and your wallet is running out of cash, don’t freak-out, you are not alone.

A personal loan is a handy tool to cover any unanticipated expense, and yes, we help thousands of professionals like you monthly to make ends meet with our convenient loans.

Personal loans are generally unsecured, meaning we use your credit as a gauge rather than an asset like your house or car.

But before you apply, learn what you’ll need to complete an application and increase your chances of approval.


1. Decide How Much Money You Need

The amount you borrow should be based on the expense you’re trying to cover and your income.

Taking out a loan that’s too small can leave you with remaining in financial needs, but if you take out a loan that’s too large, you’ll be stuck paying interest on a larger amount than necessary.


2. Find The Right Type Of Loan

There are a wide range of personal loan types that are appropriate for different borrowers. Common types of personal loans include:

·       Unsecured personal loans. A loan without collateral for general personal use. This is the most common type of personal loan. We built Page Financials to help people like you who has no collateral or guarantor to access this kind of quick loans to balance your economic resources availability.

·       Secured personal loans. A loan backed by collateral for general personal use.

·       Debt consolidation loans. A loan you can use to pay off current debts for a better rate and easier repayments.

·       Medical loans. Some lenders offer special financing options for borrowers undergoing medical or dental procedures.

While these are the most common, our personal loans is generally available for almost any purpose – rent, school fees, vacation, buying a new car – anything.


3. Choose The Best Lender

There is a plethora of options out there when you Google “Personal loans in Lagos”, we cannot help but state that exceptional service quality and transparency is one of the many attributes that makes Page Financials stand out from the rest.

Page is well known for providing quick and convenient loans, highly competitive ROI investment products, as well as a secure and fast digital payments solution that enables customers to pay bills and transfer funds at absolutely zero-naira service charge.

Through Page Financials, working class individuals can access loans of up to N2.5Million in less than 3 hours and repay in 3 to 12 months – as long as you have all the requirements.

You get speed; funds in less than 3 hours, you get enough funds to cover your need; up to N2.5 million available – So, look no further, Page financials is your best lender, click here to apply now.


4. Get The Requirements Ready.

To get a loan from us, you need to get the following requirements.

1) You earn a monthly salary (minimum 100k monthly)

2) You have up to 6-months’ salary account statement

3) You live/work in Lagos or Ibadan (bankers nationwide can apply)

4) You have a passport photograph

5) You have a work ID from where you work or an evidence of employment or promotion

6) You have a BVN that is actively connected to your working mobile number


To avoid any delays when applying, get these documents ready before you begin the application.


5. Apply

Once you possess the requirements above, proceed to apply online at www.pagefinancials.com

Unlike most lenders, our application is seamless and online so you can apply from the comfort or your home or office and get approval or disapproval notice on your email in less than 3 hours.




Whatever your reason for a personal loan may be, Page Financials can help! With personal loans available up to N2.5million, our account managers can guide you to the right solution for your financial needs.

Our application takes just minutes to complete. Talk to us If you have any questions regarding our quick loans, competitive investment offering, or using our payment solution to enjoy zero charge on transfers and bill payments.

Visit our website at https://pagefinancials.com or call 01-700PAGE (7143) or send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com to speak with us.  


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