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Valentine in Lagos

posted on Feb 1, 2019 |   115 likes


Where to go to this Valentine season in Lagos

With endless romantic locations in the city of Lagos, Valentine’s Day brings with it captivating feeling of love. Flowers, scented candles, exotic dinners, hangouts, long beach walks; these and much more are the perks of Valentine’s Day.  Set aside the hustle and bustle of the city, and indulge your special someone to a romantic getaway or date this Valentine’s Day. Whether you hope to spend the day with family, close friends, romantic partner or spouse below is a list of places to check out this Valentine’s season.

Omu Resort

Highly recommended for couples that love to engage in outdoor activities and games. This park offers a range of games Kart racing, archery, golf etc. as well as other side attractions. The enthralling scenery this resort offers makes it a good spot for adventurous couples. When they get tired of the day’s game, they can take a walk hand in hand with their bare feet in the sand and end the day with a lovely dinner at the resort.  

Ember Creek

One of the most romantic spots in Lagos is Ember Creek, Ikoyi. Its ambiance is the most magical for lovers. With a great oceanic view, this spot would set you and your spouse in the most romantic mood, not to mention the cozy feel it brings. Whispers of sweet nothings, breezy and calm view, great music and an amazing menu.

Lekki Leisure Lake

Best destination for safe and authentic outdoor fun in Lagos, Lekki Leisure Lake is appropriate for both families, friends and of course couples. On the side, this location can serve as a weekend getaway for Valentine’s with the Vantage Hotel, offering a great view of the ocean. Play at the beach, take long walks and horse rides and get some adrenaline rush with Ziplining. You’re sure to have an exciting time.

La Campagne Tropicana

You are sure to get sparkling feelings of romance this Valentine’s day if you decide to visit this beach resort. A reflection of elegance and beauty situated at the coast of Atlantic Ocean and bordered by the Ikegun Lake. La Campagne Tropicana is sure to give family, friends and lovers alike nature-filled fun. With beach houses, guest houses and hotels, a romantic getaway is a certainty.

Whispering Palms

An ideal location for those looking out for a romantic time with their significant other as well as utter relaxation. Whispering Palms, located within the swaying palm trees, perfect beaches and lush tropics of Badagry make room for romantic dinner while watching the sunset. The resort also has comfortable hotel rooms, a mini zoo, and classic restaurants.

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