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Vacation Destination for a Girls' Trip

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   73 likes


The destinations are also suitable for a guys' trip.

I guess you enjoyed traveling as a kid with your family, and you could not wait to be grown up so you could travel with your friends, like, maybe one of your grown cousins. You just loved how they and their friends reminisce on their experience. Now you are here wondering where to go to for a girls’ trip with your friends from way back.

Family vacations are awesome, as well as vacations with bae. But, your friends are crucial to you and a girlfriends' trip can be all you need to reset, relax, and remember what it's like to have fun without all your other responsibilities.

If a girls’ trip is what you have had on your mind for a while now, then you should consider one of the following destinations for a memorable experience with the girls. (by the way, these locations are also superb for guys’ trip)

Cancun Mexico

Packed with culture and adventure, Cancun feels like an exotic getaway with the Caribbean Sea's aquamarine hues and the region's balmy year-round temperatures that has dozens of all-inclusive resorts to fan out their pampering amenities along the shoreline.

Whether your group is the happiest chilling on the beach with a fruity drink in the hand to go along with the gist and trips down memory lane, or yours is the type that love to swim and dive in the wide-open sea, Cancun has a lot of angles you could explore.

Cancun has the kind of tranquil slice of paradise partiers a few miles away can't even fathom with oceanfront suites and private villas where you can revel in the views of the Caribbean Sea.

After a long night partying, you could treat yourself to a bespoke spa treatment using Mayan healing rituals and local herbs and plants. And later in the evening, you should give your palate a new taste to savor.

Miami, USA

It's basically as far south as you can go in the United States and still be in a big city, and if you need a warm-weather escape, a city that rarely drops below 60° is a solid choice. You can hit the beach year-round, eat all kinds of Latin-inspired deliciousness, snap tons of Instagram pictures and tell each moment on snapchat and much more. When you all need to reflect, you could take a quickie road trip down to the Keys for some quiet time.

Aruba, Kingdom of Netherland

This Caribbean escape averages 82°F year-round, which makes it perfect for a girls' trip literally any time you're craving white sand beaches, palm trees, and chill island vibes. The Palm Beach Strip boasts hotels galore, but if you're looking to really indulge on a rare long vacation from work and the stress of life in general, you'll want to set up a camp at the Ritz-Carlton Aruba. When you're not on the five-star resort's beach, go for full-on relaxation at one of the foot spa nearby, where you can get island-inspired face and body treatments like the Dushi Tera massage, designed to reveal glowing skin. You'll want to make time to sip on a Cadushi (Cactus) Cocktail (or two) on the bar and lounge terrace, where you'll be treated to stunning sunset views.

Don’t forget to indulge in the exceptional flavors of good food most (if not all) the restaurants and cuisines have to offer.

Las Vegas, USA

The list would not be complete without Las Vegas. Just a little bit of Las Vegas goes a long way, and if you can visit Las Vegas, you are sure to have a great time.  

Seriously! If you aren't indulging at the pool parties, the club bars, or the beach bars, Las Vegas is actually one of the cheapest destinations in the U.S. with really affordable hotels. And there's so much more to do than partying. You could also rent your group a car and make the 15-mile drive south to the Instagram-friendly Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation that truly pops in the middle of the desert. If your friends are all about the 'gram, you'll also want to visit the Neon Museum, where you can get up close and personal with historic Las Vegas signs. But if you are really looking for a low-key trip, spend a day luxuriating at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas, where you can customize a whole Girlfriends' Getaway package for your crew.

Whoa! Already in the mood for the best girls’ trip? So what are you waiting for? Call up your girlfriends and pack your vacation bag, it won’t take much convincing once they see this list of top spots for a girls’ trip.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, you could get a quick loan or get a group loan (just in case you all happen to work together).

Moreover, it’s not every time you would get to see each other outside your usual environment, it only comes once in a while, so take the chance!

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