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Travel goals for 2019

posted on Jan 16, 2019 |   171 likes


What you should start doing to achieve your 2019 travel goals

Myth like traveling is expensive is very 2010. It’s not, it’s about prioritizing your happiness and doing the things that make you happy. If traveling is going to make you happy, make it a goal this year and make it happen. This is not the year to make excuses as to why you can’t and start making steps into how you can make it happen.

Here’s how to get started:

Where are you going to?

The world is very big and filled with amazing places. You would be overwhelmed when you begin to search for amazing destinations to visit because there are quite a number of amazing destinations. If this is your first time traveling as a Nigerian, start with an African country with similar laws and a common language. This way it would be very easy to blend in with others and participate in their indigenous activities without the fear of breaking the law as it is with some Islamic countries. If you want to move away from Africa, try countries where English is their official language and not just that, ensure the country is not bound by

Mark your calendar

You have to consciously remind yourself that you would be traveling so that you can stick to the plan. When you are certain of the destination you would be visiting, check out the flight details, the cost of traveling and accommodation, the best time of the year to visit the destination, check out offers from travel agencies, then confirm that the time you choose for your leave at work aligns with when you would be traveling. When all that is sorted, get your calendar and tick the dates you would be traveling. This way you would constantly remind yourself of the things that need to be done to ensure it happens according to plans. To take this a step further, set reminders on your phone with a list of things to get sorted before traveling.

Start saving

Now that you know what it would cost you to visit your favorite destinations, start saving towards making it happen. Check with your financial institution if you can open a target savings account without opening another account, then create a standing order to withdraw a certain amount from your salary account or any other account to your target savings account. The good thing about setting a target savings account is that you won’t be able to access the money until a particular time that you set. Another good thing about it is that you could earn a little interest in your target savings, depending on your financial institution. If you have the money already, don’t just keep it with you, lock it up as an investment with Page Financials and earn up to 20% more.

Now that you have all that sorted, make a list of the other things you would need including a quick cash loan from Page Financials and make your 2019 travel goal a memorable experience.

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