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The Ultimate Jamaican Adventure

posted on Sep 14, 2018 |   107 likes


The Ultimate Destination For Every Travel Lover

Without visiting Jamaica, the first few things that come to mind when Jamaica is mentioned is Bob Marley, reggae music, dreadlocks, the green, yellow, red and black beanie, and of course marijuana.

One thing outsiders find fascinating about Jamaicans is the way they speak which is usually unapologetic regardless of how they may sound to others.

Aside from its stereotypes, Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places on earth and known around the world for various treasures it possesses.

The first thing you would learn when you visit Jamaica for the first time is their use of slangs, and the first slang you would hear is, ‘No Problem Man’. And if you would be visiting Jamaica for the first time, these are the following places you should visit with things to expect

In Jamaica, it’s always summer

In Jamaica, the sand and sun on the islands are as bright and cheerful as the people you would meet making every moment feel like summer. One of the most famous beaches in the world is Seven Mile Beach, seven miles of golden sand located in Negril. According to Trip Advisor, it's ranked number two for attraction in Negril and rated 4.5 stars by over one thousand reviewers.

Also with the world famous Jamaican rum and the ninth best in the world coffee, you are sure in for an ever ready to go have some fun time in Jamaica.

But enough of my gushing, let’s get to the juicy details about this luxurious, adventurous vacation!

Stay- In Heaven in Jamaica

The Grand Palladium Jamaica and the Lady Hamilton Resort is not just grand, it is heaven and that’s where you should be staying if you would be visiting Jamaica. These locations are perfect for everything. Honeymoon, girl’s trip, solo travel, family vacation etc. One of the things you would love about a vacation in one of these hotels is that you don’t have to worry about costs and budgeting. You pay one price (all inclusive), and from then on, you enjoy your vacation without having to worry about how much any additional charges are going to be. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, non-motorized water sports, shows, clubs, and any fun thing you can think of.

Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture

Like I stated earlier, one thing you’ll notice right away in Jamaica, is how friendly and happy the local people are! From the constant reminder that there are No Problems in Jamaica, to the radiant smiles and greetings as you pass by. From the neighbouring local village of Lucea where you can get hand painted local crafts, to the rolling green hills ten minutes away from where you can ride horseback through the main groves. There’s so much culture to experience and appreciate, which will only enhance your Jamaican adventure.

A day in Jamaica would make you consider extending your trip! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your awesome Jamaica adventure and don’t forget you can get a travel loan from Page Financials, just click here.

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