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posted on Feb 1, 2019 |   134 likes


How to Spot a Fake Diamond Ring

Nothing is a beautiful as the pure joy and excitement your soon to be fiancée has as you put the engagement ring on a finger. And nothing is as painful as finding out that the diamond ring you bought is merely a shiny stone which you paid so much for.

In order to avoid such embarrassments, these are 4 simple ways to check if a diamond ring or any other diamond jewelry is fake or real before paying the price for the original.

The Transparency Test

Turn the diamond upside down on a piece of newspaper, so the table (the flat plane across the top of the diamond) faces down.  If you can read the words on the newspaper through the diamond, then that’s a stone, not a diamond.  A diamond refracts light so you would not be able to make out words directly below the diamond. 

Weight Test

Diamonds are much heavier. As a matter of fact, this is the first test before the transparency test. The moment you carry the piece of a diamond ring or jewelry and it’s very light, just drop it, it’s fake.  Diamond carat weight has a very precise measurement, and you can imagine why.  Every jump in weight means a significant jump in price.  In a related and important story, don’t confuse diamond weight with diamond size.

Loupe Test

Nobody is perfect.  Using a jeweler’s loupe look for imperfections as well as color in the diamond.  Almost all diamonds have some sort of imperfections.  When the imperfections are internal they’re known as diamond inclusions.  Completely pure diamonds are few and far between, and astronomical in price.  A stone without imperfections is a big clue.  Likewise, with diamond color, a stone that is colorless is also extremely rare, so look for the presence of some color.

Breath test

This is another easy way to check if you are about to buy a stone or diamonds. Though not all stores would allow you to do this test because it’s the least impressive test to do, but arguably the most fun if you are allowed to.  Diamonds fog up for only a couple of seconds.  If you breathe on a stone and it remains fogged up for more than a few seconds, it most likely is not a real diamond.

Finally, beyond the testing of the diamonds, ensure you also buy them from a known and trusted source, you don’t want to spend so much money on an ordinary stone.

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