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Perfect Summer Destination for Music Lovers

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   84 likes


Check Out Three Most Thrilling Destinations For Music Lovers

Traveling is much more than just sight-seeing, it’s more about absorbing and experiencing the moment without missing any bit of it. For some, traveling is about the different food from other countries, for some, it’s about the historic sites, arts and stories. But for others, it’s about the tradition, culture and of course the music.

If music is an important element that would add the spice and create the memories to your travel experience, then you would want to check these top 3 destinations, where you can hum along at a music concert, play and dance along with local musicians, enjoy an open-air opera, toss a coin to the street musicians and so much more.

If you belong to this category of music junkies, then you should visit these three music destinations;

Havana, Cuba

The music atmosphere in Havana can only be described with one word, exotic! Havana is known for salsa, cha-cha, rumba, and timba. Timba is the most indigenous Cuban genre of music and it’s an exotic combination of American, funk, folk, and R&B. In Havana, the musicians that play the tunes are just as energetic as the people who dance to the beat. If this is your kind of music and dance vibe, then you should not miss a vacation in Cuba, especially this summer.  

Liverpool, England

While we would totally agree that Vienna is the world capital for classical music, we cannot deny that Liverpool has a long tradition of music both classical and pop. Its pop and rock music scene has also been important in the development of a number of other bands and artists. Without saying much, the Beatles is a perfect example of Liverpool being the home of rock music.

If rock and pop is your thing, then you should not miss Liverpool this summer at all! Not only would the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) be starting this July, the most thrilling week you would ever have as a rock fan would be the Beatles week right after the LIMF in August. Summer in Liverpool is definitely a goal this summer for rock and pop lovers, and traveling to Liverpool this summer is now easier and more convenient with a quick cash loan from Page. The most interesting part of this is that you can get funded in less than four hours after proper documentation and approval at a reduced interest rate at that. Traveling this summer just got dope with Page.

Pune, India

As seen in their movies, Indians are passionate about their music and dance. Every year it hosts the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival, a three-day mash-up of Indian classical music, and the largest of its kind in the world. Pune also hosts Taalchakra, an international rhythm festival. Recently, Pune has also attracted a crowd of rock, metal and pop enthusiasts, with the opening of mega-venues like blue Frog as well as smaller, more casual spots that welcome impromptu performances.

Traveling to explore the world for music, culture, food, historic scenes and what have you has only gotten better and easier with quick cash travel loans from Page.

Once you have decided where you would love to visit this summer, it’s about time you got a quick cash loan without collateral from Page and be on your way to experience the most thrilling summer ever



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