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Knowing What To Buy This January

posted on Jan 16, 2019 |   157 likes


3 things you should not buy yet this January

While you might still be getting over the money hangover from the holiday and setting new goals to help you stay fit financially, you might also want to consider and re-evaluate items you should and should not purchase this January.

While it is best to purchase some items this January, you should stay away from buying the following items for the month of January.


If you have noticed, smartphone companies do not release their new models in January. Therefore, January won't be a good month for discounts on previous models.

Take Samsung for instance, the company would be releasing the Samsung s10 in February 2019. Also, Apple would be releasing the anticipated iPhone XR in September 2019.  This means two things, one, at the time of release, phone stores would most likely give discounts on old models since there would be more attention on the new model. Two, you certainly do not want to buy the old model when a smarter phone with better upgrade and design would be released a month or a few months away.


Just like smartphones, you might not get a good deal or discounts on laptops and desktops in January, but you might begin to get discounts from February up until March and afterward depending on the brand and if they have a new upgrade on old models or a totally new model and design. The way to go about this is to check the website of your preferred brand to find out if they would be releasing a new design soon. You should also remember that laptops and desktops are not items you want to purchase just for the sake of owning it because functionality and updated specifications are what you would be looking out for. Thus, you should hold on a bit if the next model would be released soon.


If you missed out on the Black Friday sales on TVs and other home entertainment appliances late last year, then you might have to hold on a bit until your preferred brand has a new upgrade on the specification of appliance you would like to purchase. If you are not sure of when this would be, check out their official website to be sure a better spec will not be released in a few months from now. But if you really need to get new sets of TVs, then why not. You just might get it at the usual price or a little higher.  

While it’s best to hold on with the purchase of the items above, some items and services are best purchased in January. Items like home décor and services like gym subscription, would also be at a discounted price to encourage people to subscribe for a yearly plan.

Above all these, February the month of love is just around the corner, and you can be rest assured that there would be a lot of sales, discounts and promos on most purchased items.

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