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How to Go Through January Without Noticing It

posted on Jan 28, 2022 |   497 likes


The solution to long January

It’s the start of another year – January – which means the festive season is well and truly over. It is no secret the beginning of a year is usually a bummer and of course the feeling it has more days than the usual month.

The January blues starts settling in and you get to think the month has three other months embedded in it.

For many Nigerians, December has always been the month to blow off steam after a very long year. It’s a month where you buy gifts for all and sundry to those far and wide.

The phrase “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) seems like the excuse to go all out on cash and having no worry for the dreaded month – January.

In truth, December was one party after party from the get go and that feeling entered pockets.

There is something therapeutic in seeing other people complain about the same thing you complain about and that is what January does. It creates a fellowship of people, who have same ideas and thoughts – January is LONG!



Let’s visit December, shall we?

It’s a norm for salaries to get paid earlier in December and you have to wait longer for your next pay day. Some of us even take out all our savings of previous months to make our December a memorable one. It’s safe to say “Detty December” is over and it’s time to learn how to survive January.

After all the corporate, social events and concerts during the holiday and money has been well spent for tickets, transportation, food, and drinks. It is only normal to feel and think January has more days - and we should not forget NO PUBLIC HOLIDAY!

It’s not easy to get back into work mode after the Christmas holidays and that feeling transits to the financial area of one’s life.

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You start to feel the impact of the January breeze in your account. You seem to be broke for the whole month, which means you never have the funds to go out. Not that there is much point in trying to go out anyway, as it seems everyone you know is doing dry January!

So many unexpected expenses and loads of projects to execute and no one is ready to lend you any cash to stay afloat. You start to calculate thoroughly how the little change you have will be enough to feed and pay for transport. I

f you have a car, you hope it does not develop any fault and wish the fuel you have in your tank lasts till the next pay day. Everything changes from “Detty” to “Empty”.



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