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How to Accomplish Goals (in The Work Place)

posted on Mar 13, 2020 |   443 likes


Executing set goals or assigned tasks is never easy, here's a guide to put you on the right path.

Setting up goals can help you stay on top and earn commendations in the work place, but it is important to set goals that are more realistic and in line with the job description. If you currently handle sales in your organization, then this article would really speak to you.

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Back to our topic

Setting goals at work is a fascinating balancing act. On one hand, your workplace goals must support the company mission. On the other hand, they must be your own. Setting unrealistic goals could set you up for disappointment and frustration. Having a plan for the week one sure way to accomplish set goals or assigned tasks.


Determine what type of goal you want to set

There are many possible goals you could set, but the type of goal refers to how you'll measure your progress and success. The two main types are process goals and outcome goals.

Process goals focus on the work that you'll do within a given time period. An example of a process goal, depending on the department, would be the steps to take in completing a task properly. For a sales person, the process might be getting acquainted with a prospect, explaining the benefit should they take your product.

Outcome goals focus on the results of your work. An example of an outcome goal would be to meet your monthly target if you are in sales or earn a promotion, a commission etc. This basically means, when you are through with the process goals, what would be your reward?


Set up a reward system to stay motivated

Let’s get something straight, not all goals will be or gets rewarded!

Some people work best when they know there is some type of reward to be had – that is why people love sales job because when you meet a given target, there is a commission attached. This drives the sales personnel to try meet up with given targets.

Having a self-imposed reward system helps you stay motivated and track your progress so you'll know whether or not you deserve your "treat" for the day, week, month.

Decide on some type of reinforcer that will help you stay motivated. It can be a favourite snack, an event you want to go to, a physical object you'd like to buy; shoes, PS5, bags etc., or even a vacation or time off from your normal schedule.

Use that reward to motivate you. Agree in advance that you won't get to enjoy your reward unless you accomplish your goal.



Ensure that your progress is measurable

Whenever you set a goal for yourself, it's important to recognize how you've progressed in working towards it. That's why you should always set goals with clear, measurable progress marks and keep track of your efforts every step of the way.

For someone in a sales department, it is quite easy to keep track of the progress made. You get to know where you stand at the end of each day and week.

You can even use a reward system to measure your progress. For example, As a sales agent, you must bring in a set amount for the company on a monthly basis. You can set weekly goals and reward yourself if it helps gear you towards the stipulated target.


Decide on action-oriented steps to accomplish your goal

Even a good, well-defined goal could be difficult to achieve without a clear action plan. When you set your goal, make sure you include action-oriented steps as part of your goal development. That way you'll know what you're trying to accomplish and, more importantly, how you'll get there.

The end product for achieving that goal might be a promotion, a high commission. Be very clear in how you intend to achieve your goal.

Having action-oriented steps means developing clear guidelines that lay out what (specifically) you will need to do at every step along the way. This might be using social media to tell people about the product your selling and the benefit.

Think about the steps your goal will require, both in the short-term and in the long-term.

Focus on what specifically you will need to do.



A well-planned goal is meaningless if you don't keep track of your deadlines and do the necessary work along the way. You'll need to put in a lot of effort if you hope to accomplish that goal, but with proper planning, you should be able to balance that work very comfortably. It is never easy but trying never hurts.

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