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How To Avoid Being Broke

posted on Feb 21, 2020 |   420 likes


Looking to stay financially buoyant?

Whether you need to work on your spending habits, learn how to save, or find ways to earn more money, you can find a way to stop being broke.

Being broke is not something that anyone is proud of, at that stage, it seems the world has stopped moving for you. It heralds a period where you start seeing loads of things that you want but the economic crunch has eaten deep into your pocket. Sucks, right?

If you want to change your financial situation, you have to set certain goals. Think about exactly what you want your finances to look like and what you can do to achieve those goals. Asides creating a budget, follow these steps to start working towards better peace of mind:


Avoid impulse buys

If you always have a plan for what you will buy, you will have a much easier time managing your finances. Knowing that you always find it difficult to turn a blind eye when you go to a mall, it is better to avoid going there.

A better way to fight this is by writing out a list when you want to go shopping and sticking to it. This will help you know what to buy and what not to buy.

Try spending time with more economical people. If you are always around people who spend money carelessly, their habits are likely to rub off on you.


Stop comparing yourself to others

If you're spending beyond your means because you feel that you need to keep up with your friends or show others that you can afford a certain lifestyle, you're not doing yourself any favors. Stop worrying about what others can afford and think about how you can live within your means.

Change your attitude on consumer goods. Stop reading fashion, home style, and consumer technology magazines and watching flashy TV shows that make you feel bad about not having the latest designer item, gadget, or home improvement item.

Choose quality products that will last a long time, but don't pay more for brand-name items just because they are fashionable.


Compare items or brands when shopping

 If you're on a tight budget, you want to make sure you're always getting the best deal on absolutely everything. Take some time to compare prices for items you purchase regularly and for large purchases.

They are various shopping apps out there that can be used to do checks on prices. Find time to go through them based on the product or services you want.

Shopping for necessities online can be cheaper in some instances, but make sure you take shipping charges into account.

Watch out for "deals" on items you weren't planning on buying in the first place. Even if the price is great, you will save more by not buying it at all.


Avoid transactional charges

Choose your financial partner wisely in order to avoid unnecessary fees. Evade superfluous  charges when you perform transactions. This is where Page Financials comes in. When you use the Page Mobile App, you get zero charge per transaction and this helps you save money.

You know the saying “It’s the little things that count”, at Page Financials, we believe every Naira/Kobo counts and that is why the Page Mobile App offers you much more. It is available on the Google Play store and also on the iOS app store.


Get a quick loan

Getting a loan is the best option when there’s so much to do and little means to make it happen. If there’s a project at hand that will take much of your money – which in turn will leave you broke – it is better to take a loan to execute the project.

At Page Financials, you get quick access to loans from #200k to #5million in less than 3 hours as long as you are a salary earner and you have the needed requirement for as low as 2.9%

To apply for a quick loan, simply visit our online application portal at www.pagefinancials.com/loans.html.

For further enquiries, you can send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com or contact customer service on 016317243 for more details.



Thinking about finances is always uncomfortable and spending is always tempting. However, in today’s world, your assets and your bank balance will give you a sense of security, while extravagant spending may leave you at the bottom of the barrel.

If spending less is just not enough, it may be time to get a better job that will allow you to make more money.

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