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Here is Your Ultimate Easter in Lagos Fun Things To Do List

posted on Apr 18, 2019 |   143 likes


Make this Easter one to remember by exploring any of these Easter in Lagos ideas. You can also reach out o Page Financials to see how to get funding assistance.

Easter is here again. Children will be home for break and hopefully the roads in Lagos would be free. Page Financials, your trusted financial partner is here to share a fun filed guide to maxing out during the Easter short break and serving you some extra money tips to scale through so you and your loved one enjoy a memorable holiday.

Keeping in mind that it’s a short holiday, here are six fun filled activities you can engage in this Easter if you live or are based in Lagos. Let’s dive in.

Visit the Beach

No holiday is complete in Lagos without a visit to the beach. With wide array of beaches in Lagos, the experience can be certainly rewarding. Add horse riding to the mix to thrill the kids or a female loved one.

Go Spiritual

It’s not all about the holiday, Easter is actually also a spiritual experience. For Christians, it marks the period from Jesus crucifixion to his death. There are countless activities to carry out e.g doing charitable work, go on evangelism or take a personal spiritual retreat.

Take a road trip to that choice location

Road trips aren’t a popular thing in this part of the world yet maybe because of the poor state of our roads or traffic. One thing is certain though, road trips are exhilarating experiences especially if done with close pals. Get in your car and drive to a choice location, LCC in Lekki is a good spot to try.

Go see a movie

 This is another traditional event and there are quite some interesting movie premiers around the Easter period. Get yourself out of the house and visit the cinemas for a movie treat.

Set Up a Home Theatre

If you’re not in the mood to step out during the holiday, here is a home-made fun activity you can do. Turn the living room or one of the rooms into a mini theatre. Set the TV, get fuel for the generator, order some crispy popcorn and watch a movie of your choice.

Connect to loved ones by visiting them

The holiday may be short but when last did you actually have time to visit a friend or family member? You have been gifted an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the pleasurable moments with them, don’t spoil it by doing work or staying at home

There you are, six simple fun-filled activities you and your loved ones can do this Easter.

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