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Here are Five Ways To Remain Productive at Work During This Ramadan

posted on May 28, 2019 |   286 likes


Needing to remain productive and up to par during this Ramadan?

Ramadan began in the evening of Sunday May 5, 2019, and will end in the evening of Tuesday June 4. Ramadan is a time Muslims purify themselves, make sacrifices and focus on God. Asides these, it offers them the opportunity to evaluate their lives again and get closer to Allah (SWT).

Ramadan requires fasting during the daylight hours and it can influence productivity. Here are some tips that can be employed to stay fit and productive during Ramadan.

  1.  Itemize Your Task for the Day

Itemize and track the tasks you have for the day, selecting what is urgent, important and those that can be shifted to other times so as to maximize your time and be productive. Whichever works for you, go ahead and do it.

  1.  Complete Important Tasks after Suhoor

You’re most energetic in the early hours of the day. Asides your brain being fresh and energized, you are more alert and alive to the day’s work. This makes it the best time to settle task that are intellectually or physically demanding the most.

  1. Cut down on physical meetings, leverage Video Chat and Calls

Engaging in long distance trips, commuting or walking long distances frequently can drain your energy. When possible, leverage tech gadgets for having those meetings. You can use in-office LAN, Skype or even video chat or if within a group, you can set up a conference conversations. Truth is, you can get just as much done, without having to use valuable energy to physically get yourself in different locations.

  1. Don’t Forget To Power Nap

An afternoon short nap, a.k.a power nap is ideal as it allows you to re-charge, giving you a short burst of energy when you wake. This also allows the brain and muscle tone revitalize themselves so you can enjoy the fast better while still delivering on your tasks.

  1. Lastly, Connect To God.

Your desk may be filled with tasks that need your attention but don’t forget the essence of Ramadan which is to connect with God more. Block out time within your daily tasks to meditate on the goodness of Allah (SWT).

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