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Fun Activities To Do When Stuck Inside

posted on Mar 28, 2020 |   443 likes


Few Things To Do During This Period

The world is now faced with a pandemic situation, and this has forced so many activities to be on shutdown. The World Health Organization, in a bid to curb the increase, proffered preventive measures during this period. This ranged from washing of hands with soap and water or the usage of alcohol-based sanitizer, covering the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and practicing social distancing.

As part of measures to contain the spread of the virus and secure the lives of staff and customers, many organizations like Page Financials have asked staff to work remotely.

The first day or so is gold: you sleep in, enjoy a luxurious breakfast, and, of course, get ready to work. These first few days, you will feel more energetic because now you have the luxury of working from home, escaping the usual traffic. You set up a spot for yourself and go through what needs to be done. After the usual work hours, you can lay and watch movies you have been piling up. But then, it happens, you run through all the best movies on Netflix on weekends.

You find yourself pacing between the fridge and the couch, and the walls start to feel a little closer than they were before. You've started feeling bored. Instead of sitting around on your phone getting lost in the news and social media (and slowly losing your mind), pivot to some fun things you can do at home or in your own backyard.

Here are some ways you can manage stress/anxiety while at home:


Take Breaks

As it is usual during normal working days. Take a break, preferably at noon, and rest before you go back into work mode. This helps to keep you refreshed and you can use that period to take a little nap or strategize on a task you have been working on.


Put together an epic puzzle

When you've got lots of time on your hands, get your hands busy. It'll take your mind off boredom, and completing a big puzzle feels great. If the family is home, everyone can sit and play too.


Learn a dance

There are so many ways to get down during this period. If your dancing skills need some sharpening, now is the time to get that rhythm right. Download the Tik Tok app and challenge yourself to learn one of the trending dances everyone is doing.


 Start a new book

If you've run through your TV queue, go analog. Try one of the best books of the year to transport yourself to another world. You can also sharpen your writing skills in poetry, prose or drama by writing yours also. There’s nothing bad in showing the world you’re the next Chinua Achebe or Wole Soyinka.


 Try a new recipe

Stop opening and closing the fridge hoping new snacks will magically appear. Take matters into your own hand and make your own tasty dish.  Now is the time to put on that apron and show your culinary skills. Either way it goes, you’ll be the one to eat it.


Put together a care package

Take the focus off your own predicament by making a friend or family member feel extra special. Mail them a package full of their favorite things. You can also extend that gesture to those around you. If you have supplies that can be shared, you can give to those who have less or none at all.


In-House Workout

Try living room yoga. In addition to strengthening your whole body, yoga helps center your mind. You can do it at home with no equipment using a free app, too. During this period, you don't need a gym membership to sweat it out. Pull on your favorite leggings, choose a workout app, and get your blood moving.


Learn a new language

You can stretch your mental muscles wherever you are during this period. Now is the time you can learn a second or third language. Learning a new language is good for your resume, it makes you understand different culture.



There's no shame in being bored. It happens to the best of us. During this period where we have to stay home so as to reduce the spread of the novel COVID-19, we can try out different things with our family to make everyone stay positive and happy.

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