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Christmas in Africa

posted on Dec 18, 2018 |   123 likes


Ideal African Destinations for Christmas.

At this time of the year, a lot of people would be searching for the ideal destinations to visit for Christmas. Christmas celebrations away from home can be unique and fun-filled at various destinations around the globe. While some might want to visit countries in Europe, North America or America, so many people are looking to experience Christmas in an African country and these three African countries below should be considered if you are considering an African destination this Christmas.


Of course Seychelles! Seychelles is beautiful all year round, but during Christmas, Seychelles is a difference place from the ordinary. Seychelles during Christmas is a different vibe entirely with an exuberant display of its exotic culture, splendid weather, resort and beaches. You love to party? Seychelles during Christmas has one of the best and memorable parties you are yet to attend. Hotels and restaurants also organize live shows and concerts during the festive season making your experience all packed with lots of fun, exotic indigenous music and enough love from the locals that do not mind leaving you a souvenir for almost every item you purchase from the local markets and at the beaches. If partying is not what you want to do this Christmas, Seychelles remains an ideal destination to relax all day long while taking in the fresh air from the serene white beach sand houses.

Calabar, Nigeria

Calabar in Nigeria is one of the best destinations for celebrating Christmas in Africa. The whole city offers so many amazing activities to the local people and tourists during the Christmas season. Many tourists come to this city especially to attend the famous Calabar Carnival which is often regarded as Africa’s Biggest Street Party. Since 2004 when the Carnival initially started, the Carnival has since then gained popularity extremely fast and now many celebrities from around Africa and even from Hollywood participate in this festival. While the festival is ongoing, there are lots of parties, street performances, concerts and competitions for young and older people. Calabar is probably the most exciting and fun place to celebrate Christmas in Nigeria. And the most interesting part of the festival is that, it lasts for a month.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to visit for Christmas vacations. At this time of the year, it is summer in South Africa and the weather is usually conducive with the flowers out in full blown. The most popular things to do in South Africa is to head up to Table Mountain using the cable cars. Not only will you love the experience of the ride up, but would also spot a lot of wildlife upon the mountains as well.

Talking about wildlife, two other popular activities are a must visit. They are a boat ride to see the gorgeous little penguins at Boulders Beach, and the seals on Seal Island. If you would like, you should also visit the museum and learn more about the South African apartheid history.

If any of the above destinations is ideal for you this Christmas you should hurry and get your finance together with more money from Page Financials, get your bags packed and let the Christmas vacation begin.

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