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Christmas Is Not Complete Without Family

posted on Dec 18, 2018 |   134 likes


Family Destination For Christmas Vacation

Almost any destination this Christmas would be magical and beautiful, but some destinations stand out with more cheer, taller trees, brighter lights, tastier foods, glowing hearts and more breath taking performance and sights

Christmas is not complete without family, and if you are yet to decide on where to go this Christmas for an amazing family vacation, you should check out these 4 places that are amazing for a family Christmas vacation.


Bahamas is an ideal destination any time of the year. And during Christmas Bahamas is one of the best destinations for a Christmas holiday for families and definitely one places for the most amazing beach vacations for families.

Bahamas is known for its sandy beaches and island-style weather. You would enjoy a lot of beautiful family-friendly beaches with easy access for fun boat trips and you could also go snorkeling. Don’t forget to indulge in some beachside pampering while your kids play in the sand.


Dubai is a beautiful destination all year round. Not only is Dubai a business destination but also a place to enjoy an amazing Christmas vacation with your family. There are a lot of things you can do in Dubai with your family. From family beach clubs to theme parks, from a walk to the beach to exploring and touring the dry areas such as the Red Dune Desert Safaris among many other things you can do a the desert in Dubai.

There are so many more reasons as to why Dubai is one of the top Christmas getaways with kids and it ranks as one of the best places to visit for Christmas with family.


Africa like we all know is rich in culture, and Jamaica does not relent in exhibiting its rich culture most especially during Christmas. Christmas in Jamaica is one great place to visit and stay especially with your family. During the festive seasons in Jamaica, lots of people paint their houses and hang new curtains and decorations to bring on the cheer for Christmas.

In Jamaica, Christmas Eve is also called 'Grand Market' and is a really exciting time to party and celebrate Christmas, especially for family and friends. Jamaica has so much on offer, from lazy days on sandy beautiful beaches to snorkeling to hiking through the rainforest to find another stunning waterfall. You could also visit the famous blue lagoon, and if you are feeling adventurous there are plenty of road trips to explore.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to visit for family Christmas vacations. At this time of the year, it is summer in South Africa and the weather is usually conducive with the flowers out in full blown.

The most popular things to do in South Africa is to head up to Table Mountain using the cable cars. Not only will the kids love the experience of the ride up, but they will also most likely spot a lot of wildlife upon the mountains as well.

Talking about wildlife, two other popular activities are a must visit. They are a boat ride to see the gorgeous little penguins at Boulders Beach, and the seals on Seal Island. If you would like, you should all visit the museum and learn a lot about the South African apartheid history.

If any of the above destinations is ideal for you and your family this Christmas you should hurry and get your finance together with more money from Page Financials, get your bags packed and let the family Christmas vacation begin.

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