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Buy Samsung S9 and S9+ in Lagos Now and Pay Later

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   86 likes


Get the latest Samsung S9 and S9+ in Lagos and pay later when you use Page Financials.

Recently, I discovered that things are getting better than we think. With the help of financial institutions like Page Financials, one can live life to the fullest.

Do you know you can walk into any of the 28 Slot System Stores in Lagos with nothing but your amazing self and walk out with your new Samsung S9 and S9+? With quick loan support from Page Financials, why wait till later to get what you can get now within few minutes.

This is how it works:

Walk into any Slot store in Lagos, take a good look around for the gadget or phone you desire. Select the gadget you want and request a pay later form from Page. Kindly take some time to fill the form, just so we can know you better and to also confirm that you are a salary earner living in Lagos.

I bet you just said, just like that? Yes, but make sure you have a valid work ID card, a copy of your salary statement of account and a valid ID card (Driver’s license, National Id, International passport) and Voila! You have the latest Samsung S9, S9+ or any other gadgets that’s worth up to Three Hundred Thousand Naira (#300,000)

The most interesting part is, you don’t need a collateral or a guarantor and you can spread your payment to over 6months. If you will like to see the money first in your account, then that’s easier, visit www.pagefinancials.com or click this link to get an instant loan.

It can only get better with quick loans from Page Financials.

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