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Back To Work - How to Regain Your Productivity Level

posted on May 7, 2020 |   524 likes


Feeling a little rusty about going back to work? Here's how to regain your productivity level

In the last 6 weeks, companies of all sizes in terms of manpower and infrastructure had to shut down operations in their physical branches and moved operations remotely. 


At first, it seemed overwhelming for both organizations and employees. But six weeks down the line, employees are already used (almost addicted) to remote work schedule, enjoying the perks that come with it like; watching Netflix in between tasks and waking up at 7:45 am.


With the gradual easing of the lockdown and businesses beginning to reopen their doors, you need to re-evaluate your productivity level to ensure that you can keep up with the new realities of working from a corporate branch office.


Or maybe you belong to the category that was completely shut down and couldn’t do any work all during the lockdown, this post will help you get you A-Game back on. 


How To Regain Your Productivity Level




The first thing to do when you want to pick up a new habit is to let go of the old one. 


In the same vein, the cusp for this experience is to declutter and refresh your mental state as well as the environment at work to help set the tone for returning to your productivity level. 


Rearrange your work desk; even decluttering your email and PC can work magic. Replace that old image with something bright, fun, and magical.


Our productivity level works on attitude and mood. Make sure yours is in-check and does not negate your ability to level up and regain your productivity.


In order words, put yourself in the work frame of mind. 


Set SMART Goals


Going back to work and becoming as productive – or even more, than you used to be will require some level of intention and discipline. 


The hard truth about being a professional in any industry is that sometimes, regardless of how you feel, the work must be done and things need to go on. 


Setting a SMART goal for yourself is a definitive way to hold yourself accountable to the task required of you by the employer.


This doesn’t have to be anything so detailed; outlining your to-dos with sticky notes or digital remainders would go a long way in helping you stay on track. 




Great you’ve got the right energy and you have a few goals. It is now time to prioritise tasks according to their order of importance and urgency. 


Remember that you are no longer working from home and cannot simply shift tasks for later, other members of your team might depend on certain outputs from you to be able to function and you don’t want to hold them back. 


Prioritising tasks would also help build your interest level and optimism to get you going. 


For every task prioritised and completed, it’s ok to raise an arbitrary glass of wine, give yourself the proverbial pat on the back.


Visit Your Inspiration Archive


There’s a reason you’re currently in this job and not any other one. When things went sour, there’s a reason you refused to quit.


It could be personal experience, moments, family history, or anything that keeps you motivated at night and wakes you up early in the morning to keep working, it’s time to re-open pill and take some dose of inspiration. 


In times like this, you want to be able to find a reason to not just keep working but be the best at what you do, your inspiration source will do this job without you knowing it.


Exercise Your Way To Productivity


Like we’ve established above, productivity is a function of the mind, A sound mind is necessary to achieve a great productivity level.


Physical activity is a great way to unlock your mind and by extension your productivity. 


The benefits of exercising are crucial for both your mental and physical health. This might be a good time to hit the gym after work, take a walk when you can, eat well, and maintain a healthy environment. 


In conclusion


Settling back to work in the coming days or weeks might be challenging if you do not take the necessary steps to make it easy for yourself.


That’s why we wrote this content to support our customers to safely navigate through this back to work season. 


Like other businesses in the essential services category, Page Financials are gradually re-opening our doors to customers starting with our headquarter. 


Following strict health and regulatory guidelines, customers can now visit our headquarter to get access to personalized financial services.


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We want to help you get you’re A-Game back as soon as possible so if you need financial assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via the channels above. 








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