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5 Productivity Systems You Should Know

posted on Aug 28, 2020 |   559 likes


Need a system that will help you get more productive?

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Productivity doesn’t just happen to people, our brains are easily distracted. that’s why we often require some structure and a systematic approach to help us ensure that best practices stick.

Productivity systems are those structures that help individuals and teams work smarter, not harder.

In this post, we’re looking at some productivity systems you should consider when looking to up your productivity game.

Let’s get to it.


1.    Getting Things Done (GTD)

Getting Things Done is a productivity system by David Allen, author of the book by the same name.

This system starts with a brain dump (to get everything out on the table, or, in this case paper or a computer screen), and then sorting those tasks into six different areas of focus: Current actions, current projects, areas of responsibility, 1-2 year goals, 3-5 year goals, and general life goals.

From there, you can start prioritizing tasks and making real, tangible progress that makes what once seemed like a mountain of to-do list items more manageable and realistic.


2.    The Daily Trifecta

This productivity system focuses on creating a list of three key things you want to get done each day by writing them down the night before.

The theory behind this approach is that even if you only get those three things done, the day is a win.

It’s a smart approach that keeps you from overloading your to-do list and helps you stay realistic about accomplishing not every task, but only those that are most essential.


3.    The Pomodoro Technique/Time Blocking 

Both of these productivity systems encourage people to work in short sprints or intervals on a specific task, rather than switching frequently between a variety of things.

With the Pomodoro Technique, you set a timer for 25 minutes and work without stopping, then take a 5-10-minute break, and repeat.

Others prefer a more loose version of this approach, which is called time blocking.  

It’s the same idea, but tasks are separated into blocks of time (usually 30-90 minutes each.)

This format allows for focused work on a single to-do list item.

You can use apps to block other functionalities from interrupting you while you focus on the task at hand.


4.    Bullet Journaling 

Bullet journaling (called BuJo® for short) was developed by digital product designer Ryder Carroll. Carroll was diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities as a young adult, so he had to find new ways to be productive–which is how bullet journaling was born.

Bullet journaling is essentially a productivity system that serves as a form of mindfulness designed to help people organize their what while remaining mindful of their why.


5.    Eat That Frog 

The Eat That Frog productivity system is all about knocking out your biggest, most daunting task first thing in the morning so it’s done and out of the way.  

It comes from the Mark Twain quote: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

If your ambition, focus, and energy lags later in the day, this approach will help you capitalize on your morning momentum. Use it to get the big, scary stuff done and off your list first thing.



If you, like most of us, have the attention span of a goldfish, then a productivity system might be that little helpful piece of structure you need to stay focused, on task, and highly efficient during the workday. Experiment and find out which one best suits you (and enjoy the benefits and clarity it brings to your life.)

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