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4 Safety Tips For Your Children As They Go Back To School

posted on Oct 14, 2020 |   433 likes


4 Safety Tips For Your Children As They Go Back To School

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As a parent of a school-aged child, one of the biggest concerns you are facing right now is deciding whether to allow your young one to physically attend school during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Of course, the health and safety of your child is paramount, so much depends on whether your school is reopening for in-person learning. If so, you need to assess your level of confidence and comfort with the policy changes and preparations your school is instituting in order to reduce the risk of infection and community spread.

The following five important safety tips will help ensure the safety and well-being of your child, and will help ease your worries and concerns.


Teach Them How to Wear and Use Facemask


Your children need to know and be comfortable with wearing facemasks when in school or any public place. It is your duty to instill this consciousness in them so that wearing it in school does not seem like an unnecessary burden.

To achieve this, you have to practice what you teach, you are expected to show the children how to use by using it yourself.

Take the child(ren) on lessons on how to wear the facemask and educate them on what could happen if they removed their facemask in public places, you may think they don’t understand, but they do.


Label Personal Items Like Water Bottles to Avoid Mix Up In Class

At schools and public places, children get to lose their personal items or get them mixed up due to similarities and sometimes because they like the other one better (smile).

In this COVID-19 era, the need for proper labeling of your children’s materials has gone beyond simple identification, it has now become a way to actually avoid physical contact with other people and their properties.

The label should be written boldly and should not be ambiguous. A simple label that contains just the name or known initials of your child should be written in a conspicuous place.

For instance, you can write the names of your child on the cover of their lunch box so that they do not take another child’s own and risk getting infected (assuming the other child is infected or asymptomatic).


Know The Safety Measures Their School Have Put In Place

While we believe that all schools have taken precautions and have adhered to the government required measures for reopening, a personal visit or enquiry into what has been done by your child's school won't be a bad idea.

It is also the responsibility of everyone of us to stay safe as we fight this pandemic together.

When you know what your children can expect as they resume, you can begin to prepare them for the change they will encounter in school. This will go a long way to reduce their resistance from their teachers and safety officials.


Boost Their Immune System with Fruits and Vegetables

This might sound like a repeated sound track but it is necessary and should be reemphasized as often as possible.

This is not the time that you give your children money to buy some roadside food or snacks as they go to school.

You need to consciously plan healthy living into their diets to help keep their immune system active and ready to tackle any virus that might be contracted by interacting with their friend in school. 

Cook meals that support their vitamin level and give them Fruits and vegetables which will help to boost the immune system and in turn give them a level of protection from the virus.



These are unprecedented times we are living in. Parenting during a global pandemic has made the most challenging job of all even more complicated to the nth degree.

But by arming yourself with as much credible information available and letting your parental instincts guide you, you will make the best decision possible for your child’s well-being and education.

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