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Money Lessons We Can Learn from Ants

posted on Jul 9, 2021 |   1092 likes


What money lessons can we learn from ants? Find out below

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Watching an ant can teach us a lot about money and life in general. Before we look at the tips that these small creatures can teach us let us consider what scientists have documented about these creatures.

Before that, remember that this is a new episode of the money lessons from animals’ series where we explore money and personal finance through the lenses of different animals around the world, drawing lessons and making connections to the human world and our times.

On this episode, we will look money lessons we can learn from ants. You can find previous episodes and other inspirational articles on our blog here

So, back on ants, despite not having leaders they accomplish fairly complex tasks such as food storage, garbage collection, nest preparation, security and even going to war.

As compared to their size, ants can build huge anthills and nests. When they are involved in a task they work tirelessly going to and fro without any distraction and they do it repeatedly.

But what does this have to do with money? Let’s dig in.

Embrace Delayed Gratification.

You will never see an ant carrying a crumb and then stopping by the roadside to take a bite of the crumb or try to eat it all.

They have a purpose for that crumb and they are going to carry it until they get to their destination.

In other words, ants have embraced the concept of delayed gratification. They have a plan with their crumb and they are not going to start consuming it midway.

Many people have become slaves to instant gratification. Stop recklessly spending into your crumb (finances) if you want it to ever be more than just a crumb.

If you cannot start by putting away, say N20,000 today, it will never appreciate to become N20 million tomorrow, and you will not create wealth. When an ant finds a crumb, it picks it up and starts the journey. It does not wait around hoping a bigger crumb will fall off a table.

Lesson to us is also work with what you have instead of procrastinating on what you don’t.

You Are The CEO Of Your Money

Despite not having a general, ants do their work diligently. You will not find ants wandering around aimlessly or just taking a nap on top of the anthill.

Building a solid personal financial requires that you be responsible enough to be in charge. At work, you may have conditioned yourself to be reliant on someone else giving you instructions but you will not get away with it when trying to create a lasting financial future.

Many people like to say statements such as “The Forex trader lost my money”. That is incorrect and you are trying to pass off your CEO responsibility to someone else.

You are the one who did not take time to understand what you were buying into so it is your fault.

When you take responsibility, it empowers you because you then know what to correct next time. Don’t wait for someone or something (in terms of a circumstance such as job loss) to force you to start dealing with your money.

Working For Survival Only Keeps You Surviving

An ant carries a load three times its size and builds anthills much bigger than itself.

If your whole life is spent focusing on getting by, all you will do is get by. To stop just surviving something has to change in your actions (not anybody else). People who have accomplished great things never knew how they were going to happen, they just had a vision and worked towards that one day at a time.

Setting a goal that you know you can achieve is actually beneath your potential as a human being. Yes, you will not know how it is going to happen but like the crumb, start with the small step you can take today.


Sure, ants bite, but when you put that aside, ants can really give us valuable life lessons.

They’re sorted in many ways, right from the way they walk in lines to the way they store their food. Today, we’ve learned 3 lessons about finance and money management by analyzing some great traits that ants possess.

We hope that this episode has enlightened you

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