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Last-Minute Modest Ways To Celebrate Valentine

posted on Feb 13, 2020 |   523 likes


So, you’re running late on ideas for this valentine, here are simple ways to make it romantic.

 February 14th is the worldwide day of celebrating love. While it is typical for people to exchange affectionate gifts or treat each other to special outings, there are many different ways to celebrate this holiday.

 As much as we’d all love to express our love to our partners with a trip to Paris, it may not be realistic (maybe next year?). Sure, love is the greatest gift but Valentine’s Day can be ALL about the effort. While it is typical for people to exchange affectionate gifts or treat each other to special outings, there are many different ways to celebrate this holiday.

Here, we've got plenty of cute ideas that’ll make your boo feel special:

Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home to make the Evening more Intimate. 


Select foods that you both will enjoy, and try to only tackle recipes that you can realistically make. The meal does not have to be elaborate to be special or romantic. Dress up the dining area with a nice red tablecloth, candles, and fresh flowers to make the setting more intimate. You can consider making a simple spaghetti or our very own Naija Jollof.


Make cooking the dinner part of the date and have your significant other help you prepare the meal. Not only will this speed up the cooking process, but it will also give both of your time to bond and chat.



Plan a Fun Activity

Take some time to plan a fun and bold adventure with your significant other. Figure out something that you both have always wanted to do, and enjoy experiencing the activity together.


·         Go skydiving or bungee jumping and enjoy the thrill of the extreme sport together.

·         Pack up the car with snacks and take a day-trip across your state. Plan to visit specific sites, or be spontaneous and stop at random places along the way.

·         Visit a local national park and immerse yourself in nature. Find a romantic spot within the park, and enjoy watching the sunset together.


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Snuggle and have a Movie Marathon


Grab some cozy blankets and some snacks, like popcorn, chips, or candy, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your significant other. Decide on a collection of movies or a television series that you both will enjoy. Saturday is meant for resting after the weeks work. For the moment, drop anything work related, only if it is funny, and have relaxing discussions.

To make the simple movie-night more romantic, purchase some Valentine’s Day sweets, like decorated chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries.

Stash Love Notes


Write little messages on colored cardstock, listing reasons why you love your significant other or recalling memories you shared together. Then, place the notes around your home where your significant other can easily find them. Your partner will not only enjoy reading the notes but will be surprised each time they find one.


Hide the notes in creative spots, like on your loved one’s favorite coffee mug, in their jacket pocket, or on the television remote. Just make sure to pick spots or items that your loved one frequently uses; otherwise, your message may go unfound. Alternatively, place the notes all in one spot, like on your loved one’s bathroom mirror. Write the messages on pink sticky notes, and arrange the notes in the shape of a heart on the mirror.


Give a Classic Gift of Flowers and Chocolate


Purchase a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite flowers, or choose classic red roses to mark the holiday. Pair the flowers with a box of chocolates or other sweets. Then, either give the gift to your loved one in person or surprise them by having the gift delivered to their home. If you just started dating, and you are unsure what to give, this is a perfect gift to give.


If you don’t mind spending more money, accompany the flowers and chocolate with a special gift to mark the occasion. This could be a nice piece of jewelry like a watch or necklace, or this could be something more personal, like the latest book or video game your significant other has been eyeing.


In Conclusion


When you have someone that brings out the best version of yourself and challenges you to be better. Try going the extra mile to make them happy and feel truly loved.

Happy Valentine!

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