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How To Travel - Part One

posted on Mar 2, 2020 |   399 likes


Deciding where and when to go? Here's a guide on how to travel.

You want to leave home and see the world. Something from within tells you it is time to explore other cities and culture, but you need help getting every thing in place so it will be memorable. With some thoughtful and careful planning, you can be headed out the door sooner than you think.


Determine how much money you can spend on a trip.

You don’t need to have all the funds before you travel, but knowing the amount you will spend will certainly have an effect on other aspects of your trip. If the money at hand cannot foot the bill, you may decide to contact a financial institution that you can invest in or that will provide you quick loan to get everything sorted.

Where you go, how you get there, where you stay may all rely on how much you have to spend and that’s where Page Financials comes in

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Remember that in addition to any travel expenses, you still have to pay rent and bills at home. Make sure you have enough to cover these essentials before you spend money traveling.

If you can't afford to jet to a distant location but you're itching to explore, research where you can go that is within a day's drive of home. Search for national parks, weird roadside attractions, or even look at a travel guide for your area. If you don't have wheels you can rent a car or take a bus to get away for the day.


Figure out how long you will be gone.

If you are working, try fix your leave plan when you know it will be convenient. Complete every given task for that duration so as not to get a call back when you’re halfway over international waters.

 Check your calendar for any important dates that might conflict with your travel plans--you might need to push your trip back a few days so you don't miss some important home or work events.

Don't forget to factor in travel time--if you only have a long weekend, it might be best to stick relatively close to home. You can determine the percentage of your vacation you will spend traveling by dividing the total number of hours you spend on the road by the total number of hours you plan to spend at your destination – understanding the Lagos traffic formula will greatly help here.


Choose when to go

When you travel may also impact the cost of your ticket. If you're not choosy about dates, you can plan your trip around the lowest fares.

High season is when there are the biggest crowds, the best weather, attractions selling out, and the highest prices in almost everything.

Low season usually means great deals, fewer tourists, the possibility of terrible weather, and the risk of some attractions being closed. You may also find that locals are a little more welcoming.


Book your accommodation

From hostels to luxury hotels and private apartment rentals, there are tons of options when it comes to deciding where to stay. Consider how you plan to use your accommodation. If you want to meet other travelers and don't mind sharing a bathroom, a hostel may be a good choice. If you want to sleep late and order room service in a fluffy robe, you probably want to find something upscale.

Make reservations ahead of time. It may decrease the spontaneity of your trip, but it's no fun to arrive and find every hostel in town is booked for the night and you have nowhere to sleep.



Do your best to estimate how much your entire trip will cost. Factor in travel expenses (plane or train tickets), hotels or hostels, travel insurance, passport or visa fees, transportation at your destination (taxis, buses, car rental), the average cost of a meal (or set the total amount you are allowed to spend on food each day).

Be sure you leave yourself some cash to splurge on something special and something extra for emergencies. If you need a quick loan, do not hesitate to contact Page Financials

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