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Deserted Islands For a Perfect Getaway

posted on Jul 4, 2018 |   79 likes


The Best Summer Getaway Experience Yet.


When famous celebrities like, Leonardo DiCaprio, the John Legends, and of course the Carters and our own Genevieve want to get away from it all, they don’t look at the usual travel destinations that most people look out for. They usually disappear into private deserted islands.  

For travelers that would love to get away from it all and rejuvenate their mind and just relax, then a deserted island should be one of the to-go islands on the travel bucket list. These islands are only accessible by air or by sea, but this does not mean they are out of reach. A hired luxury helicopter or a ride on a ferry would get you to any deserted island of your choice.

If this is the type of vacation you are seeking for this summer, this articles offers three private deserted island you could visit alone or with your friends or family members, as the tropics of the island usually come with all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel and comforts of home.

Clew Bay Island, Ireland

Clew Bay is an island for every day of the year. At its heart is Collanmore, an outstandingly beautiful setting with sensational bay views. The island is a special one that comes with every luxury you could think of for a 5-Star hotel. You get to enjoy the services from the private bar, the nerves soothing hot tub, and the tropical wonder of nature.

The island is by a ferry or speed boat, 15 minutes from the mainland, from where you could have a peek into the blissful island. Get quick cash now to book down a Villa on this island.

Koh Mak Island, Thailand

This island offers abundant tropical gardens of over 10.000 palm trees, with stunning views across the water to the islands in the Marine National Park and more importantly, a restful break. If you would love to explore the Koh Mak Island, you could book an apartment in one of the Villas available on the island. Most of the Villa on the island are nothing less of a 5-Star hotel as they offer the luxuries you would find in other luxurious hotels on the mainland. They offer traditional Thai massages, sunbathing areas and even a swimming pool if you fancy one.

The island is just 45minutes away from the mainland and you could get there on a speed boat or a ferry depending on your preference.

Eden Island, Seychelles

From the name, Eden is everything a paradise on earth should look like. Eden is one of the luxurious islands that has everything you need to relax and escape completely from the rest of the world. The villas are perfectly built such that, you wake up facing the sea, and sleep off while listening to the lullaby from the waves. When you have had enough relaxing and need to explore a little, you could dive among reefs, wrecks and canyons teeming with exotic life. If you are with friends or family members, you could take a trek inland on jungle trails, try a great local restaurant, or simply enjoy the gentle pace of island life while admiring giant tortoise and singing birds in their natural environment.

If this is the type of vacation you would love to experience, you should book now before most of the luxurious islands becomes fully occupied. And the interesting thing is, you can get funded for this trip with quick cash you can access anytime from Page.

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