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6 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Workspace For Productivity

posted on Apr 12, 2021 |   500 likes


How organized your workspace is, affects your level of time management and productivity.

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We all love a neat and organized workspace with documents properly filed, stationeries well-arranged, and boxes adequately stored. Sadly, only a few people know how to get this sorted and stay productive always. 

The reality is that the busier you get, the more inevitable it is to prevent the gathering of irrelevant things over time however, how organized your workspace is, affects your level of time management and productivity.

Clutter is a combination of different things. They vary from small items such as forgotten accessories scattered around or bulky items like a stack of notebooks—whether used and unused. Gradually, you get used to this mess that you do not even realize how it affects your work and, in the long run, cause a decline in your productivity

If you find yourself in this box, it is time for a complete overhaul of your workspace. But first, let us find out how keeping an organized workspace can be of great benefit to you 

You’d be amazed.

1.         It Improves your focus at work: When you take out unnecessary items, like unimportant documents, old supplies, you stay focused on the important task at hand and channel your energy towards them.

2.         You can save time: When you have the necessary items close by, you save the time you would have wasted looking around for them amongst other unimportant documents.

3.         Helps positive brand image: Just as you would not consider a disorganized person serious, most people would also not take your brand seriously if they always find papers flying around, files disorganized, and boxes on walkways. They project it to mean how the brand would also handle her clients and business.

4.         It improves your health: Germs are everywhere. A cluttered workspace welcomes dust, dirt, and germs. Clearing and organizing your workspace ensures a safer place for all workers.

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 Now that you know the benefits of maintaining a decluttered workspace, let us share these simple but efficient ways to ensure your workspace is well organized, save your time, and increase productivity at work. It is not rocket science; you’d see.

Are you ready? 

1.         List out all the items around you down: This is the very first step to take to regain control of your workspace. Get your notepad and make a complete list of all the items you have on your desk and around you. By all, we mean all. Do not leave anyone out.

After you have done this, identify the level of importance of these items you have listed down by asking yourself these three questions

·         What are my job duties?

·         Which items are necessary for performing my duties?

·         Which items are unnecessary for performing my duties?


By doing this, you would have successfully identified the non-essential items you would need to take out. Great job.

2.         Create an organized storage pattern: Remember those items you listed as necessary to perform your duties? This is the part where you get them organized. Put items of the same category in one place. For example, keep writing instruments in a cup, organize documents in multilayered trays. The idea here is to keep only important documents handy. Once you do not need them again, discard them.

3.         Label Everything: If you have a file cabinet and want to make sure it stays organized, your sticky notes and marker would come in handy. Label each section of the cabinet with the documents or supplies stored therein. For example, simply labeling a section as ‘STAPLE PINS’ would save you the time you would have wasted searching for it elsewhere. Life easier is easier this way, right?

4.         Hide the wires: We repeat, hide the wires. With the array of electronic devices on your table, it can get messy with wires lying around. These wires do not only cause a visual mess, they can cause a trip and fall and also harm the closest person in the event of a spark. We don’t want that, do we?

You can ensure organization, by using alligator clips for our wires or cords, cable trays, and cable boxes.

5.         Go paperless: Do not print a document unless it is required. Some of the printed or handwritten documents end up contributing to the piles of clutter in your space. What you can do is to go digital. Make use of cloud storage note-taking apps like Google Keep, Evernote, and many others. The aim here is to reduce the number of papers flying around and also ensure your documents are safe and available to you anytime.

6.         Box up: Keep documents and supplies you do not have an immediate need for stored up in a box and kept safely in your storage unit, who knows, you might need it someday. While doing this, ensure the storage unit is safe from rodents and insects as they could destroy the documents. One important storage tip is to put items of the same category together and label them as well.

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Wrapping up

Since you spend most of your day in the office, ensuring that the environment looks appealing not only affects your personal hygiene but also creates a comfortable environment for others as well.

With these simple but super effective tips, we assure you that nothing can stop your productivity.

Get to work friend.

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