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5 Practical Tips To Remaining Productive While Working From Home

posted on Apr 16, 2020 |   562 likes


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The novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has led to a greater part of the world’s population currently working remotely.

For some, that means working from home, while for others, it means working from other locations outside the confinements of the office building.

Whatever it is for you, working remotely offers a wonderful level of freedom and flexibility. When we would usually be reporting to our desks, we are finding ourselves on our couches or at our kitchen and dining tables, trying to complete to-do lists without the built-in discipline of the office.

The expectations are the same, but the environment is not. And it’s not always an easy transition.

Working from home requires lots of focus and discipline. You can easily find yourself distracted by your family, household chores and the comforts of your home/remote location.

To stay productive while you work at home, it’s important to get organized and use your time efficiently.

Working from home has its perks - you can work in sweatpants if you want, there's no commute time and sometimes you can be more focused and efficient.

However, you'll only make the most of it if you approach the day intentionally. Below are some tips for working from home while staying sane and productive:

Set A Consistent Work Schedule

While some work-from-home jobs let you set your own hours, a majority out there still expect you to maintain your work schedule status-quo and turn in deliverables at stipulated times.

That means you have to resume and close at a certain time. So, it is a good idea to get into a regular work routine even while working from home.

This will help prevent you from letting the day slip by and then scrambling to catch up at the end of the day or week.

It will also help you maintain a healthier work/life balance. Decide what your working hours will be and stick to them.

If your schedule is flexible enough, you could break your workday into separate chunks and push more of your daily tasks into the times when your productivity is at peak.

 For instance, you might work from 8 AM to 12 PM, then again from 3 PM to 7 PM. Then you could take advantage of the middle of the day to do household chores or run errands.

Customize Your Workstation.

Try as much as possible to create that office away from office feeling.

You can use your time more efficiently if you’re not constantly getting up to look for things you need.

Store everything you regularly use during your workday in your workspace, in an easily accessible location. This might include things like:

·       Your computer

·       Chargers for your phone and other electronic devices

·       Your schedule or calendar

·       A notepad and pen

·       Snacks and water

Eliminate/Turn Down Possible Distraction Elements

One of the keys to successfully working from home is to pretend you're at an office.

Would you stop to do laundry, watch Netflix or do the dishes if you were on the clock at work?

Probably not. So, don't work somewhere that will tempt or distract you -- that means do not work with a TV on, and if laundry or dishes are calling your name, avoid them!

Get your chores done before you begin work and save time for binging Netflix once you're done for the day.

Set Clear Boundaries Between Work & Home Affairs

Working from home with roommates, friends or family members present can be challenging.

If someone comes over and sees you on the computer, they may not register that you're working.

This is true especially if that person has never worked from home before -- they may assume you can do whatever you want.

Imagine having a team meeting and they keep popping their head on your screen, that will lead to distractions.

It's important to set boundaries with people around you in work from home settings. Tell everyone who's home with you that you'll be working during certain hours and to not disturb you unless it's an emergency. Put a sign on your door if you have to.

Always Log Off From Your Computer

One of the most important aspects of a healthy work-from-home routine is maintaining a sacrosanct corporate responsibility.

Always log off at the end of the day and put office equipment away.

You do not want unauthorized access to your computer which could lead to exposure of confidential files or even access to your work email by unauthorized persons.

If you have a last-minute idea come up after office hours? Jot it down, but come back to it tomorrow. Just because you have access to work anytime doesn’t mean you should be logged in 24/7.

Allow yourself to have downtime to create a work-life balance—we all need it, no matter where we are working from.

In conclusion

Working from home is actually easier said than done. It is never easy, especially with family and friends around – coupled with the emotional strings attached to the pandemic in town.

The constant need for attention will be on the high due to this lockdown. If you have kids, you can learn how to keep them active during this period by clicking here.

During this period, let us endeavor to play our role by staying safe and adhering to the instructions by the world health bodies.

If you have a facility with us and need to speak with us, or you want to inquire on getting a new facility or a top up, please call our help line on 01-700(PAGE) 7243 or send us an email at customer@pagefinancials.com

At Page Financials, we are doing our best to ensure that you get financial support when you need it the most.



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