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5 Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day

posted on Feb 8, 2021 |   1092 likes


Are you ready for Valentine?

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Valentine's Day is coming, everyone is looking forward to it, and if you're a couple, that makes the day even more exciting!  

But it can also be stressful figuring out how to properly appreciate your spouse without dipping into your budget or spending a lot of money you don't have.

There's a gross misconception that once you're in a relationship, engaged or married, Valentine's Day becomes a more significant day, something to be acknowledged with jewelry or other "permanent" gifts.

Of course, we all like to open up a present and find some bling inside — but it certainly isn't a requirement for demonstrating your love for one another.

To create a lasting memory with your spouse even on a budget, check out these six ideas for Valentine's Day.


1.    Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home and Get Dressed Up

Cook a special meal at home and get dressed up; whoever plans your night gets to dictate the attire.

Just do the messy cooking first! Consider making playlists for one another and listen to all the songs together.

You could even make a technology-free agreement, keeping phones and TV off-limits for the night.

Cocoon yourself in music and romance and block out the rest of the world until February 14th is over.


2.    Plan a Workday Lunch Date

Just the fact that you get to see each other in the middle of the day will be something special, romantic and different.

If the weather is nice, you don't have to go to a restaurant. A romantic picnic could be a fabulous chance to sneak away for a mid-day bite.


3.    Plan a Scavenger Hunt for Each Other

You don't even have to leave your house — although that can make it more adventurous.

At each stopping point, add a special note for your significant other. At the end of the hunt, you get to meet up and exchange little gifts that you've purchased on a pre-agreed upon budget.


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4.    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Recreate one of the best-ever dates you and your significant other had before you became couples.

If your first date was record-breaking, start right there! Go back to a restaurant you particularly enjoyed for dinner.

Or, ‘Netflix’ the movie you first saw together in the theater the night you realized you both had the same sense of humor.


5.    Spend the Day with Someone Who Doesn't Have A Valentine of Their Own

Love's biggest holiday can be very, very painful for someone who has recently lost a loved one or partner.

Unwilling to interrupt anybody else's love life, they're not likely to ask for attention that day, even if they really, truly need it.

If you're in a relationship or happily married or soon-to-be-married, every day is a special holiday for you. Try dedicating some time on Valentine's Day to spread the love around to someone who really needs it.

Think of an elderly relative or neighbor who might not receive a hug and kiss from anybody else on February 14th, and make brightening up their day a special couples' project for you and your partner, who are lucky enough to have each other.

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Bottom Line 

If there’s any holiday that can really sneak up on you, it’s Valentine’s Day. By the time mid-February rolls around, most of us are still recovering from the December holidays and/or just settling into a new workout routine, hobby, or budget.

This is exactly why having a reliable financial partner that you can turn to for quick and convenient access to funds for events that simply took you unawares is a great idea.

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